Rain Water Tanks – The Best Way To Preserve The Environment

Posted on: February 11,2012

Water is Precious Water is a precious commodity that many Australians are well aware of. Most of us need to think ten times before washing our car or watering the garden. However, installing a rain water tank can be the solution to your problems. You don’t need to feel guilty about wasting water but instead, […]

Check Out our Water Tank Range

Posted on: February 11,2012

We are proud of being one of the most established companies in Australia in the water storage industry. Every year we provides a range of quality water tanks to the Australian market. Our tanks are used in a wide array of applications for both domestic as well as industrial use. Supatank slimline water tanks  uses quality raw materials to manufacture its […]

Learn More about Supatank

Posted on: February 11,2012

We are Supatank – The most popular slimline water tank  and rainwater tanks brand in the Australian marketplace. We have a deep understanding of the water storage industry and the technology required to build innovating rainwater tanks designs. Our designs are unique, combining the practical elements required from a water tank whilst offering a number of customisation options. Our customers […]

Rain Water Tanks – Choosing the Right One

Posted on: January 19,2012

Rain Water Harvesting Rain water harvesting is the buzz word across Australia today, and not without good reason. Rain water tanks play a major role in rainwater conservation while the government also provides water tank rebates in certain areas in order to encourage water conservation and reduce the strain on a city or town’s main […]

Harvesting Rain Water In Tanks – An Environmentally Friend Solution

Posted on: January 3,2012

Installing a rain water tank does not only allow you to save water. It helps you save a significant amount of money on water and electricity bills and most importantly, exempts you from water restrictions that are being increasingly imposed over the past decade. Moreover, a rain water tank undoubtedly adds value to your home. […]

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