Learn More about Supatank

February 11 by : admin

We are Supatank – The most popular slimline water tank  and rainwater tanks brand in the Australian marketplace.

We have a deep understanding of the water storage industry and the technology required to build innovating rainwater tanks designs. Our designs are unique, combining the practical elements required from a water tank whilst offering a number of customisation options. Our customers love them, and so do our deals.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got questions regarding water tanks then we suggest you get in touch. Check out our full product range using the menu above or find out why are the leaders in the industry.

We love what we do – We are proud of our customers and we understand their needs.

We believe that every person in Australia needs a water tank like the ones we produce, and that’s why every day more and more homes in Australia not only consider but request to have a Supatank installed. Our designs, dimensions and water tanks colors fit in any type of location, making our tanks adapt to all types of environments, from cold Tasmania, to the hot and dry climate of Alice Springs.