Installation Tips


There is no doubt that climate change has led to significant changes around the world. The results are that more individuals and companies have decided water tank installation is the most economical and best practice for water conservation. SUPATANK water tank installation is as easy as one, two, three! Our team of water tank installation experts are knowledgeable and experienced. SUPATANK water tank installation is a practical, money saving solution that will ensure a continuous water supply for all your family’s needs year round!

Swimming pools, gardens, household needs, washing clothes, showering and septic tanks all require a continuous water supply. There is really no reason for your family to suffer during the hot summer months when water restrictions are put into place as daily average water costs double. Water tank installation is a snap with SUPATANK water tank installation!

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere you live in Australia; SUPATANK is available to walk you through your water tank installation with ease. All of our SUPATANK water tanks come with our water tank installation guarantee. We provide a complete water tank installation package to ensure that your water tank installation is complete with all the necessary equipment that many companies charge extra for!

Water tank installation is an extremely affordable solution providing your family with everything that is needed plus more! Water conservation not only helps the environment, but enables you to continue your regular lifestyle when water restrictions are put in place. SUPATANK rainwater tanks not only help you do your part towards water conservation, but also they give you the freedom to enjoy all the things you enjoy!

When you decide to purchase a tank, you are guaranteed the right size, shape, design and colours to match your taste and property. SUPATANK water tank installation is a breeze because we have worked with numerous clients on every installation scenario from small single rain water tanks at residential properties to large multiple tank solutions for commercial buildings. Your water tank installation can even be installed under your deck hidden from view so that you can retain the beautiful look of your property.

Feel free to call us! We are here to answer all your water tank installation questions and concerns whilst providing you with the best advice when installing your water tank. With SUPATANK water tanks and our water tank installation guarantee you can rest assured that you have not only made the right decision from a financial perspective, but also the wise decision for the environment that will last you for years to come!

Start saving money today by calling us to discuss your options and for all of your water tank installation needs.