Welcome to Australia’s most popular brand of water tanks

SUPATANK is an Aussie owned and operated company which manufactures a broad range of rainwater tanks for residential, agricultural and commercial use.

SUPATANK is the most experienced manufacturer of slimline and rounded rainwater tanks in Australia. As experts we can help you make the right choices for all your rainwater harvesting needs. Our huge range of tanks are available in many shapes, sizes and colours to suit almost any application.

SUPATANK is most famous for its slimline tanks, however, we also produce modular designs, as well as ‘deckpods’ which are designed to go underneath wooden decking. Our tanks come in many colours and range in sizes from 1000 litres to 11,000 litres.

Since you’re already on this site, we don’t have to list all of the advantages of collecting rainwater, but one thing you may not already know is that we’re one of the most experienced manufacturers of rainwater tanks in the country, building tanks that are designed, tested and manufactured by qualified engineers and audited to match the highest Australian standards.