Water Tanks take the spotlight in New York City

July 9 by : admin

ny_img1A group of artists and public school students in New York City are planning to transform 300 water tanks on rooftops across the city’s skyline in a massive project that is part art exhibition, part awareness campaign.

The Water Tank Project seeks to change the attitude and water habits of New Yorkers by highlighting the pervasiveness of the city’s water tanks and calling attention to the global water crisis. 300 rainwater harvesting tanks will be covered with original artworks that have been digitally scanned and printed on vinyl.

Works of art by acclaimed artists and public school students will be wrapped around the rooftop water tanks that feature heavily throughout the city. While the project will celebrate the city’s arts and culture, it will also be an act of social intervention, meant to educate, inspire and create long-lasting change.

ny_img2Throughout the project, the adorned rainwater water tanks will be complemented by educational programs, public tours, social media activities and a conference seeking fresh views on global water issues.

“Water is our most challenged but taken-for-granted resource. It’s all around us but virtually invisible,” said Neville Wakefield, a curator of the project. “By drawing attention to the water tanks, we hope to alert the world to the wastage of our most precious commodity.”

In Australia we’re very aware that water is indeed our most precious commodity. While you might not be an artist living in New York, it’s still possible to influence a change in attitude amongst our family, friends and neighbours by encouraging them to examine their own water usage habits.

It’s easy to have a rainwater harvesting tank installed on your property and, unlike the aging redwood tanks dotting the NYC skyline, your tank can be unobtrusive and space efficient. Supatanks’s slimline water tanks and deckpods both provide water storage options that ensure that your property is more water efficient without its appearance being compromised. Whether it is visible or not, the presence of a water tank adds value and sustainability to your property – and if you want to transform your tank into a piece of modern art, then it’s entirely up to you (but please send us some photos!)


Photos courtesy the Water Tank Project. To find out more about The Water Tank Project, watch the video below.