Water Tanks

SUPATANK water tanks are an economical solution and a great way to prepare for today, tomorrow, and the future. SUPATANK takes pride in being the best source for water tanks, rainwater tanks, round water tanks, and our best selling slimline water tanks. SUPATANK is an Australian manufacturer and we distribute our water tanks  across all Australia. We have more than 20 years of experience in understanding the water storage industry. We devoted this time to learning about the technology needed to build innovative water tanks in a number of different designs.

SUPATANK water tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colours to ensure your water tank fits your needs and the design of your home or site. We support all of our water tanks with a full line of accessories to ensure that your water tank system is ready to go right our of the box! Don’t waste time and money on a company who charges for each piece and who makes you do all the guess work of installation. Choose SUPATANK water tanks and you will receive, as all of our satisfied customers have, a FULL water tank solution which is easily to install and provides years of reliable, long-lasting service for you and your family/business.

SUPATANK’s water tanks are available in sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000 liters. We can also combine multiple water tanks together to meet any larger capacity water storage need. SUPATANK offers round water tanks, modular and  slimline water tanks, underdeck ‘Deckpods’ which are easily concealed from view, and all the accessories that you will need to customise your water tanks to meet the water needs for your family/business. Have the peace of mind that comes with owning one of SUPATANK’s water collection and water tank storage system by calling SUPATANK today!

You will be amazed by how much money you’ll save on your water bill as you do your part in helping the environment! Conservation of water is an important goal and you will see the difference you can make personally when you have a SUPATANK!

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