Modular Slimline Water Tanks

SUPATANK MODULAR WATER TANKS are actually rounded rain water tanks that can be interconnected collectively to fulfill your water volume requirements. They are made out of a special UV treated poly plastic and can store as much as 6000 liters of water per tank. Our aesthetically designed modular tanks can be purchased in various colours and in a range in sizes. They can be used for domestic, commercial or industrial applications, are manufactured to be durable, lightweight and affordable, and can be installed anywhere around your property.

SUPATANK modular tanks are capable to resist climate changes, having the capacity to endure sun, rain or snow without getting damaged! Connect them up to your roof / gutter system to have stored water on hand all year round. One of the best aspects of the modular system is that each tank has a small footprint – meaning it won’t take up too much space besides your home. However, unlike a traditional slimline tank that is fixed in volume, you can keep connecting modular tanks together to increase your total storage volume. Therefore you can still have a large storage system – but keep a compact installation.

Irrigate your garden, fill your pool, wash the dishes and your car, or plumb it in to your washing machine or toilet – all the traditional advantages to water tanks but with a space saving design.

All in all, the Modular Slimline model is a fantastic product from SUPATANK. Here’s an ingenious design that won’t break the bank, and will last for years. It will be an investment and add value to your property. Reliable and safe; you can trust the tank to be worth the time and once it’s installed, you’ll be proud of the decision.

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