SUPATANK Slimline Water Tanks

are recognised as essentially being some of the most space efficient tanks in Australia. These tanks are sleek and stylish making them the ideal choice for small area applications. Each unit in our collection of slimline tanks is available in a multitude of sizes and colours to match your space and style. SUPATANK products are created in such a manner that they conveniently and effortlessly fit up around the side of a building or a house. The improved and modern design provides its user the simplicity of installation, significantly no or fewer complications, and an easy link to your home or business’ current plumbing systems. Our slimline tanks are renowned in a wide range of domestic and industrial usage. All of our products come as a package, with leaf strainer, including a 25 mm brass outlet for easy and quick installation and an attached mosquito mesh.

Our tanks below are all available in over 16 different colours in order to match your existing home or business’ colours. Our smallest tank is 1000 litres, whilst our largest is 5000. You can install multiple tanks around your home, each connected to a different downpipe, and then connect them all via plumbing to a pump system. This can then water your garden, connect to your washing machine or toilet, wash your car, or, if treated further, be used in other areas of the home.

Made from ultra high quality, food grade, ultraviolet (U.V.) stable polyethylene, these tanks are extremely high in strength, giving you many years of worry free use. All our slimline water tanks include a protective mosquito mesh and a leaf strainer to keep debris and pests from entering and a 25 mm brass outlet to make your installation process easier.

If you have any questions on our product, or where we can deliver them to, please don’t hesitate to call our email us today.