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Product Description

If you plan on storing a useful amount of water for future or emergency use, have a small household, or still learning the ropes of the practice of rainwater harvesting, this 2000-litre slimline tank is the one to have. Here are the reasons why:

The first reason is, of course, its capacity. It can store 2000 litres of water, enough for a small family to still function in an emergency situation until an alternative source of water is found. The second reason is its slim configuration, which makes it easily fit any portion of your property that is conducive to rainwater collection. This, of course, allows you to have more space to spare in your property.

The water tank is also fashioned out of very high-quality materials and under very strict quality standards, making it capable of withstanding everything the environment can unleash. It also keeps any stored water fresh no matter how much time has passed since it was first collected.

All slimline water tanks come with the following accessories: four 25mm brass outlets, an inlet strainer that has a mosquito mesh, and an overflow strainer. These help enhance your rainwater collection and storage system experience.

Want this slimline water tank for your property? Have questions about this amazing product? Here are the ways you can address orders and enquiries:

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