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February 11 by : admin

We are proud of being one of the most established companies in Australia in the water storage industry. Every year we provides a range of quality water tanks to the Australian market.

Our tanks are used in a wide array of applications for both domestic as well as industrial use.

Supatank slimline water tanks  uses quality raw materials to manufacture its range of tanks this ensures that these tanks last for a number of years and provide years of trouble free services.
Supatank uses high quality ultra violet (UV) stable polyethylene to manufacture these tanks. This makes the tanks highly resistant to the negative effects of sunlight and providers safe and healthy water.

Our designs of the slimline water tanks is done in such a way that these tanks easily fit down the side of a home and so the customers do not have any hassles in installing these tanks.

Supatank tanks come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit the needs of all the clients. These tanks have high strength and are very rigid as well.

The tanks that are supplied by Supatank feature a leaf strainer, mosquito mesh and a twenty five millimetre brass outlet. Supatank supplies tanks like Slimline Tanks, Round tanks, Underdeck tanks and a range of pump covers.

Our product range covers from:

Supatank Tanks Range

  • 1000 lt Slimline Water Tanks
  • 2000 lt Slimline Water Tanks
  • 2000 lt Round Tanks
  • 3000 lt Slimline Water Tanks
  • 4000 lt Modular Water Tanks
  • 5000 lt Squat Water Tanks
  • 6000 lt Modular Water Tanks