Rain Water Tanks – The Best Way To Preserve The Environment

February 11 by : admin

Water is Precious

Water is a precious commodity that many Australians are well aware of. Most of us need to think ten times before washing our car or watering the garden. However, installing a rain water tank can be the solution to your problems. You don’t need to feel guilty about wasting water but instead, feel proud about doing your bit for the environment and your community. While rain water tanks are popular in rural backyards, urban homes have also become increasingly aware of the need to preserve water rather than take it for granted. In order to control the water situation the government has imposed a number of restrictions but also encourages the installation of rain water tanks through water tank rebates. This is one reason why the country has 6 witnessed a significant increase in demand for rain water tanks in urban areas as well.

Water Tank Sizes and Shapes

Rain water tanks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. From the standard round storage tanks to innovative slim line tanks, there are tanks to suit every location and need. For underground storage you have a choice of rectangular under-deck storage tanks and bladder-style tanks with capacities ranging from a few hundred litres to 25,000 and more. They are made from a variety of material including polymer, polyethylene, plastic, fibreglass, polypropylene, concrete, steel, and stainless steel.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting allows you to collect the maximum of rain water that falls on your roof. All you need is to have the gutters and down-pipes well connected to the rain water tank and collect as much as 4000 litres from 4 days of light rain, depending on the size of your roof. Most importantly, you can use this water for the toilet, laundry, the garden, and to wash your car without wasting any precious water from the Main’s supply. Most importantly, you can help your community save precious drinking water that would otherwise go to waste and at the same time reduce your water bill as well.

Poly Water Tanks

One of the popular types of rain water tanks in Australia are poly water tanks. These tanks are resistant to corrosion and have a longer life expectancy. They are useful to store potable water and come in a variety of sizes and capacity from 100 litres to 45,000 litres.  Poly tanks have several advantages as compared to steel tanks. These tanks are resistant to rust and corrosion, and are economical as well, which is why you will find them in major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

There are several reliable and reputed manufacturers of poly rain water tanks. They offer a wide range of rain water storage tanks for domestic and industrial use as well.  These tanks are manufactured from high quality ultra violet (UV) stable polyethylene, which makes them resistant to the negative effects of sunlight. This includes a variety of slimline water tanks that can be easily installed down the side of a home. Once you have determined the right type of tank, you can order them online as well.