Types Of Rain Water Tanks

March 21 by : admin

It is no secret that water conservation is top priority in Australia whether for domestic or commercial use. One of the best solutions is the installation of a rainwater tank. There are many manufacturers that offer a variety of traditional round tanks, slimline tanks, and underground tanks.9 It is important to understand the different types of rainwater tanks prior to choosing one that best suits your needs.

Slimline tanks

Thanks to the ever increasing demand for rainwater storage solutions in rural and urban Australia, you will find an array of designs which includes slimline tanks. This type of tank is ideal for those who have limited space around their property and find it difficult to accommodate traditional, round tanks. They fit into tight spaces perfectly without compromising on the amount of storage. Slimline tanks are made from quality raw material such as ultra violet (UV) stable polyethylene that makes the water safer and healthier to store. These tanks are designed to fit down the side of a home so that it occupies minimal space and can be easily installed. Slimline tanks come in a range of sizes and colours to suit every requirement and are easy to transport and assemble.

Round Tanks

Round rain water tanks are the most conventional forms of storage tanks for both domestic and commercial use.  They are rigid and made from a single piece cylindrical construction for extra strength and stability. You will find a range of round tanks made from high quality UV stable polyethylene. These tanks undergo stringent tests to ensure that they withstand the toughest conditions and are    Certified AS/NZS 4766:2006 standard. Whether you seek a small tank for your home or a larger tank for your business, you have an excellent choice of round rainwater tanks.

Underground tanks (decpod underdecks)

Underground tanks are ideal for homes and industries that have limited ground or roof space. Although underground, these tanks are easy to install and require very little maintenance. A load bearing is installed over the tank to ensure safety. These tanks can be grouped in any layout and feature flat panel sides to allow for any extra fittings around the tank.

Pump covers

While you have a choice of slimline, round, and underground tanks, you have a choice of pump covers as well. These covers adapt to any normal size pump and provide the perfect protection for a pump and switching unit. They are also easy to install and are available in a variety of colours to match rainwater tanks. Several rain water tank manufacturers offer an incredible selection of affordable, high quality rainwater tanks and pump covers to suit every need. Whether you seek a small tank for your home or a large tank for commercial purposes, you will find them all and much more at online stores. With the dual benefit of saving money and doing your bit for the environment, you have every reason to order your rain water tank today.

No matter where you are, whether it’s in Melbourne, Queensland, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Tasmania or any other town, village or dwelling, a water tank can work for you.