Do Much More Than Water Your Sunburnt Lawn With A Rain Water Tank

December 26 by : admin

Droughts and water restrictions have taken a toll on Australians for decades. However, there is much hope in the form of rain water harvesting. An increasing number of rural and urban homes have realized the potential of rain water harvesting. No matter what, you have to admit that watering your garden and washing your car accounts for a large portion of home water use, which is a major contributing factor to water shortage. This can be easily avoided if you install a rain water tank. Not only do you end up doing good for 3the environment but save a considerable amount on electricity and water bills as well.

It Doesn’t Matter Where you Live

No matter which Australian city you live in, water supply can hamper your chances of maintaining a good lush, green garden. The key is to install a rainwater tank to meet your gardening needs. In addition, you can install a tank big enough to supply water for your toilets and laundry as well. Rain water tanks are available in a wide range of capacities and shapes as well. Slimline tanks are popular today since they can be easily tucked away and blend nicely with the surroundings. You can use them as fencing or wall panels as well. Besides, rainwater is the healthiest for plants and lawns since they do not contain chemicals that are used to make water more potable.


Installing a rain water tank is affordable as well. Besides, you may be eligible for the National Rainwater and Greywater Initiative rebate. In order to be eligible you will need to choose a manufacturer that meets Australian standards and have it installed by a licensed plumber. You will need to check with the local authorities for the subsidies offered in your area. Apart from gardening and watering your sunburnt lawn, you can use rainwater for numerous other chores. Washing your dishes, clothes, and flushing the toilet with rainwater can help you save a bundle in water bills. In many instances, you can install a filter system and make it fit enough for drinking as well.

Where Can they be Installed?

Rain water tanks can be installed underground as well, especially where there is a shortage of space or additional need for water. Depending on your needs, it may be prudent to buy several smaller rain water tanks rather than a large one. Many manufacturers offers a wide range of high quality water tanks designed for the Australian market for domestic and industrial use. Slimline water tanks are among the most popular in urban homes. They are made from high quality ultra violet (UV) stable polyethylene that meets the highest Australian standards. These tanks can be easily installed along the sides of a home and utilise minimum space. In addition, they are easy to maintain, which is a very important aspect of rainwater storage. Rather than rely on town water supply for all your needs, take the first step and visit online stores for a wide range of rainwater tanks, pump covers, and accessories. They are definitely a worthwhile and sound investment for every Australian household.