How to Choose a Rainwater Tank?

November 11 by : admin

Australia is a dry country and water is becoming scarce by the day. Water restrictions are here to stay and regular water supply for urban areas will soon become a far-fetched dream. One of the ways to avoid this is by conserving water and what better than Rainwater Tanks?

There are many people who are opting to get a rainwater tank installed in their homes for better and easy supply of water. All rainwater tanks made by SUPATANK are designed to last long and are easy to install. One of the major reasons why people are looking at rainwater tanks is because it provides cost-efficiency and ultimately results in low water bills. But, we get many people who are not sure about the type of tank that is best suitable for them.

The space available around your home will help you decide the type and size of tank you can install. If you have minimal space around your back garden and a thin patch can be used, your best option is using Slimline tanks. All Slimline water tanks are designed in such a way that they easily fit up against the side of a house or building. This advanced water tank design allows for ease of installation, no hassles and a seamless connection to your home or business’ current plumbing. SUPATANK Slimline water tanks are used in a wide variety of applications for domestic and industrial uses and are available in sizes ranging from 1000ltrs to 5000ltrs.

On the contrary, if you have little more space around the house, the most cost-effective tanks are Rounded Tanks. These tanks require less raw material, and the cooking times are also less, hence they are a little cheaper than Slimline water tanks. SUPATANK round water tanks are made of food-grade, UV resistant PVC plastic which is completely corrosion free and suitable for all weather conditions and are available in sizes ranging from 2000ltrs to 6000ltrs. Hence, if you prefer to keep your garden well irrigated, the swimming pool full and plenty of water in your home to bath; SUPATANK round water tanks are an excellent way to make sure you have an adequate water supply year round!

At SUPATANK we take pride in our customer service. Call our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane offices to chat with our friendly staff who can provide free advice on the type of tank that is perfect for you, based on your requirements, usage and the space available.