Benefits of Rainwater Tank

November 5 by : admin

It is a known fact that rainwater tanks have numerous benefits and can be extremely useful during summers and patches of drought. Despite the vast spread knowledge about rainwater tanks and their benefits, amazingly, very few people use it for their homes. Well, even that is understandable because most of the people would want to know how it benefits them directly, whether it can help them save money. Well, the answer is yes!

With level 3 water restrictions imposed at many places, which means gardens could only be watered by hand-held hose on two days per week between 4pm and 10am, using water for luxuries such as gardening, pools, hosing the driveway etc., can only come from rainwater tanks. In urban areas, rainwater tanks can significantly reduce demand of potable water, as rain water can be used to flush toilets, wash clothes, water the garden and wash the car. Rainwater can also be used for hot water systems.

So, if you are using water collected from your roof to flush the toilets, in your laundry, wash the car and for gardening, it just means that you are saving that much mains water, ultimately saving on water bills. It has been proven that rainwater tanks can help reduce up to 10% of your water bill. To add to this, rainwater tanks can also increase the overall value of your property, as many real estate buyers look at rainwater tanks as an extra amenity that will help them save water in future. With only the initial set up investment required, rainwater tanks is a water solution that will only give, while expecting very little maintenance.

At SUPATANK, we have many types and colours of rainwater tanks including slimline, rounded, modular slimline rainwater tanks and deck pods and accessories. While all are tanks are easy to install and will add value to your property, all the tanks from SUPATANK require minimum maintenance. All you need to do is keep the tank and its surrounding clean, the tank does all the other work for you.

A SUPATANK will easily integrate into your home water system and will provide complete water storage solution. Whether you are making a new home or already have a home and are thinking of renovating parts of it, we have a tank for all.

If all these aren’t reasons enough for you to pick up the phone and call us, here is something that will definitely inspire you to call us. Some state governments provide rebates to all those who install rainwater tanks into their home water systems, Victoria State Government is one such example.

Want to know more about this rebate and other cost benefits of rainwater tanks? Call your local office today.

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