Water Tank in Small Spaces

January 27 by : admin

There are numerous benefits associated with installing a rainwater tank in your home. As its name suggests, a water tank’s sole purpose is for rain water harvesting, which gives you the means to collect and use this free resource that would otherwise go to waste.

A typical house block in say Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you will always be able to find a space for your rain water tank.  The beauty of rainwater tanks is that they can be placed anywhere and at SUPATANK, we have a range of rainwater tanks that are guaranteed to be space efficient.

Slimline water tanks

When it comes to fitting water tanks in small spaces, slimline water tanks are your best bet. Unlike round water tanks that are usually associated with rural properties, slimline water tanks are popular and extremely space efficient in urban areas.

Slimline water tanks can be installed on either side of the walls or be easily tucked away. They can blend well with the surroundings since they come in a variety of colours. In fact, many of these tanks are specifically designed to the frontage of a home. You can even use slimline water tanks as fencing or wall panels!

SUPATANK’S 1000l water tank is the smallest kid on the block and comes in a variety of dimensions. Have a little more space? Why not invest in the 5000l slimline water tank?

All Slimline water tanks are designed in such a way that they easily fit up against the side of a house or building. This advanced water tank design allows for ease of installation, no hassles and a seamless connection to the current plumbing.

Modular water tanks

SUPATANK modular water tanks are actually rounded rainwater tanks that can be interconnected collectively to fulfill your water volume requirements. They are made out of a special UV treated poly plastic and can store as much as 6000 litres of water per tank.

One of the best aspects of modular water tanks is that each tank doesn’t take up too much space. And unlike a traditional slimline water tank that is fixed in volume, you can keep connecting modular tanks together to increase your total storage volume. Therefore you can have a large storage system and still keep a compact installation.

Underground/underdeck water tanks

If you lucky enough to have space underneath your home you then we have good news for you as can also place your rainwater tanks under your deck or underground, which will save you plenty of space. You simply fit a pump to pull the water out.

So remember there will always be a suitable space and if you are not sure which is the best area to install a rainwater tank contact SUPATANK today for the perfect rainwater tank solution for your home.


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