The three Cs to consider when buying a rainwater tank

February 10 by : admin

Rainwater tanks are an excellent investment for your home, especially in a dry country such as Australia, where drinking water is scarce and water restrictions are often in place. It only makes sense to install a rainwater tank in your home because it makes you less reliant on the mains water supply, and you can harvest rain water for things like watering our garden and washing our cars.

To ensure you have a successful water tank installation, here the three Cs to consider:

Contact your local council

There are so many benefits related to rainwater tanks that many local councils offer great rebates to encourage residents to install one in their own homes. It would be a great shame not to accept the free money offered by the government to install something that would benefit you. Bear in mind that most councils will only provide a rebate for rainwater tanks that are designed, manufactured and certified to the relevant Australian Standards, a requisite that you can be sure SUPATANK rainwater tanks will meet.

Connecting to a toilet/washing machine

Rebates offered by local councils may increase depending on the size of your rainwater tank or if you decide to connect it to a toilet and/or washing machine. So think about what you would like to use your harvested rainwater for, which will influence the size of tank you need.

SUPATANK rainwater tanks come in a variety of sizes, from a 1000 litre water tank to a 5000 litre slimline water tank, so we will have one in the size you require. Our SUPATANK installers can advise you on the most suitable rainwater tank that will meet your needs.

a Case for quality

Prices of rainwater tanks can differ largely because of the size, material, finish and strength of the tank. Rainwater tanks are meant to be a long-term investment, so don’t just let price determine your decision, you need to consider quality as well.

When you purchase a SUPATANK rainwater tank, you can rest assured that regardless of size, they are all made from the highest quality material and are designed to store water safely for a long period. All our tanks are designed, tested and manufactured by qualified engineers and audited to match the highest Australian standards. Not only that, all our tanks are resistant to climatic changes and UV stable . Our Australian Standards Certification for rain water tanks guarantee the right size, shape, design and colors to match your taste and property.