Space efficient rain water harvesting

May 19 by : admin

American actor Ed Begley Jr. (you may know him from the movie Pineapple Express or TV shows like CSI: Miami, Boston Legal and Gary Unmarried) and his wife are doing their part to combat water scarcity by going back to basics—rain water harvesting.

The couple has just installed a 10,000-gallon (about 38,000 litres) underground rainwater tank in their state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly home, which is under construction in Studio City, California.

There is good reason why Begley has invested in such a large rainwater tank. “No matter how many articles are written, we don’t see what’s coming. There will be huge problems with water in the next five years, and by that I mean shortages and rationing,” he says.

Of course, for most of us who live in the city, very few will actually be able to spare the space to install a 10,000-litre rainwater tank, much less a 10,000 gallon one. This lack of space, however, does not mean we can’t even install of rainwater tank. The beauty of rainwater tanks is that they can be placed anywhere and at SUPATANK, we have a range of rainwater tanks that are guaranteed to be space efficient.

In general, there are three different types of rainwater tanks you can consider for your home, regardless of the house block.

  • Slimline water tanks: Popular and extremely space efficient in urban areas, slimline water tanks can be installed on either side of the walls or be easily tucked away. They can blend well with the surroundings since they come in a variety of colours. SUPATANK has models ranging from the 1000l water tank to the 5000l slimline water tank.
  • Modular water tanks: Rounded rainwater tanks that can be interconnected collectively to fulfill your water volume requirements. Each tank doesn’t take up too much space and can store as much as 6000 litres of water per tank. And unlike a traditional slimline water tank that is fixed in volume, you can keep connecting modular tanks together to increase your total storage volume. Therefore, if you do want a 10,000 gallon tank like Begley, you may even be able to achieve that with SUPATANK’S modular water tanks and still keep a compact installation!
  • Underground/underdeck water tanks: Begley had good reason for installing his rainwater tank underground, as it would save him plenty of space. Similarly, while you may not want a 10,000 gallon rainwater tank, if you lucky enough to have space underneath your home, a rainwater tank in a size that is suitable to your household needs can also be place your rainwater tanks under your deck or underground.

With Australia being a dry continent, and with the impending arrival of El Nino—a weather event that typically brings a drier-than-average winter and spring to much of southern Australia including New South Wales, and active bushfire seasons by summer—rainwater tanks are fast becoming a necessity in households. So get in touch with SUPATANK today and we will be able to advice you on the best rainwater tank for your household.