Rainwater Tanks: Insurance for the Future

February 3 by : admin

Last year was Australia’s hottest year on record and according to the Climate Council, heatwaves in the country are becoming more frequent, hotter and are lasting longer. It even predicts that future heatwaves will last up to three days longer on average, they will happen more often and the highest temperatures will rise further.

When it comes to facing the reality of climate change, drought and increasing heatwaves in the years to come, purchasing a rainwater tank today is the best insurance policy for you and your family. By installing a rainwater tank in your home, you will not be letting all that free and scarce resource go to waste when the skies do open up. Rain water harvesting can help with collecting this precious commodity, ensuring your loved ones’ future security.

Reduce your reliance

By possessing the ability to capture and store rain water directly, you reduce your family’s reliance on water storage dams and mains water supply, making sure they have easy access to water even during water restrictions. Not only do rainwater tanks enable your family to be self-sufficient, capturing rain water will also place less stress and demand on water storage dams, which can reduce the need to expand them or build new ones, which will benefit you as a tax and rate-payer.

Reduce your bills

With governments and water boards certain to increase water prices in the future, installing a rainwater tank is a great guard against any future financial burden. Even if you choose not to drink the collected rain water, you can use it for non-drinking functions such as watering your garden, cleaning your car, washing your clothes and even flushing the toilet! Using this free resource from the sky for all of these functions will no doubt reduce your water bills now and in the future.

Reduce your risk

If you live in a bushfire-prone area, storing a reservoir of easily accessible water is not only a good idea, it can practically be life-and-death. The good news is that at SUPATANK, all our tanks are resistant to climatic changes, which means it will not get destroyed by the high heat produced by the fires. During a bushfire, your rainwater tank is also a great backup for your family when mains water is cut off or restricted for days so that the firefighters can use them to fight fires.

SUPATANK has a range of rainwater tanks in different colours and types, including slimline, rounded and modular slimline rainwater tanks. All the tanks from SUPATANK require minimum maintenance and are guaranteed to meet your family’s needs and demands for this precious resource without any fuss for years to come. Keep the tank and its surrounding clean and the tank will do all the other work for you.