Protecting your rainwater tank

April 28 by : admin

Some people are hesitant to invest in a rainwater tank because they are unsure about the quality of the harvested rain water. They question whether it is safe to use in and around the house, even if it will primarily only be used for watering the garden, washing the car and perhaps also for use in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

Fears about rain water quality are actually quite unfounded, especially if your rainwater tank has been installed properly. The fact is rain water that falls from the sky is technically clean and pure, as water does not carry pollutants with it when it evaporates. There are also some easy preventative measures which you can take to ensure your rainwater tank performs optimally and the maximum amount of rain water is collected.

If you take the right precautions, there is little to worry about the quality of the rain water harvested by your rainwater tank. Here are a few things you could do that will prevent your rainwater tank from being polluted, ensuring that they perform at their best:

  • Make sure the tank is made from food grade  material
  • A gutter guard or enclosed gutter on the roof can easily prevent leaves  from being collected and still let water in
  • A sloping mesh trap in the downpipe can block out leaves and debris without blocking water flow
  • A simple diversion (or first flush) system in the downpipe will direct the first 6-10 litres of rainwater (which tend to carry the dirt from the roof) away from the water tank and into the garden, therefore improving the water quality
  • A sump with a fine mesh can exclude the last of the heavy sediments before rain water enters the tank
  • Make sure your rainwater tanks, covers, plumbing pipes and fittings are light proof to minimise daylight penetration and algal growth in the water.

A licensed and qualified installer (such as a SUPATANK recommended installer) will ensure that anything related to your rainwater tank is fitted and installed to the highest standards that will withstand the test of time.

When you purchase and install a rainwater tank through SUPATANK, you can be assured that you will be harvesting good quality rain water. This is because all SUPATANK slimline water tanks include a protective mosquito mesh, a leaf strainer to keep out debris and a 25 mm brass outlet to make your installation process easier.