6000 Litre Modular Water Tank

Modular Water Tank 6000 Litres from SUPATANK

Available in various dimensions

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Product Description

This poly plastic modular water tank rainwater storage tank can take as much as 6000 litres and is available in many colours, all at SUPATANK’s fantastic prices and superior quality.  For more details, get in touch with our friendly staff today, who’re more than willing to assist you.

SUPATANK round rain water tanks are manufactured and distributed all over Australia. We take pride in our reliable water tanks solutions designed to last. The round water storage tanks made for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and dimensions.

SUPATANK round tanks range in size from 1000 to 5000 litres. If your application requires a larger water storage system holding many thousand liters, multiple SUPATANK round tanks can be connected together to meet your needs.

SUPATANK round water tanks are manufactured to be lightweight, durable and affordable! SUPATANK round water tanks can be installed almost anywhere, protecting you from drought and saving you money on your water bill each month. SUPATANK round water tanks are made of food-grade, UV resistant PVC plastic which is completely corrosion free and suitable for all weather conditions.

The advanced design and manufacturing of the SUPATANK round water tanks give long-lasting strength and durability to every product we sell! The ability to tolerate climate changes from high to low temperatures is a necessity when it comes to providing a reliable water system. Sun, rain or snow; SUPATANK round water tanks can handle all weather conditions without getting damaged!

Although, there are several reasons for purchasing SUPATANK Round water tanks, one the most important is water conservation. In the last few years Australia has experienced some of the most sever droughts on record. SUPATANK round tanks allow you to conserve water for you and your family to remain comfortable, even when water restrictions are in place. If you prefer to keep your garden well irrigated, the swimming pool full and plenty of water in your home to bath; SUPATANK round water tanks are an excellent way to make sure you have an adequate water supply year round!

SUPATANK takes pride in our customer service! Our team can provide free advice on recommended installation and usage based on your needs for any of our rain water tanks. Feel free to call us anytime to learn more about the SUPATANK round water tanks.

Our underdeck deckpod rainwater tank is a perfect solution, holding 2000 litres and available in multiple colours.


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