El Nino heralds urgent need for rainwater tank

April 23 by : admin

While most Sydneysiders shivered under doonas over the Easter long weekend, the mercury is set to rise by this Anzac Day weekend. Maximum temperatures are expected to stay around the mid-20s and minimums around 16, both of which are above the April average.

The increase in temperature is in line with growing global scientific consensus that the world will experience an El Nino climate pattern later this year. El Nino is defined by prolonged warming in the Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures when compared with the average value. El Nino conditions can last anywhere from several months to several years.

The World Meteorological Organisation said last week two-thirds of all computer climate models it surveyed were predicting that El Nino conditions, which will lead to reduced rainfall over eastern Australia, would hit this year. At the same time, the (Australian) Bureau of Meteorology this month raised its estimate of the probability of El Nino settling in this winter from 50 to greater than 70 per cent.

Water restrictions in most Australian cities and towns have relaxed in recent times thanks to more favourable rain conditions that have replenished dams around the country. However, the onset of El Nino will undoubtedly lead to diminished rain at best, or drought conditions at worst – which will ultimately result in lower dam levels again.

If history is anything to go by, strict water restrictions will once again be put in place to ensure there is enough water supply for the general population. Depending upon the location, households will be prevented from watering lawns, using sprinkler systems, washing vehicles, hosing pavements and refilling swimming pools.

What all this means is that if you would like to secure a dependable source of water supply from your family that will not be restricted by government policies, now is the optimal time to purchase and install a rainwater tank. With a rainwater tank, you can take advantage of the wet weather that has been blanketing most of the country this month – as well as the rain that will continue to fall before the onset of El Nino later this year – by getting involved in some rainwater harvesting yourself. This way, when the drier weather sets in, you will most likely have a storage of rain water readily available.

You can use the harvested rain water for household tasks such as flushing the toilet, doing the laundry, watering the garden, cleaning the car and even running the dishwasher. This leaves plenty of mains water supply available as drinking water, although you can of course easily filter rain water to make it potable as well. 

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