Sustainable Water Use in the Urban Environment

Posted on: February 19,2014

The use of rainwater tanks has hit a record high, most particularly in Australia. Water harvesting operations are mostly found in the rural areas, where water is in high demand from farms, floras and vegetation.  The townspeople, as well as in big remote properties, also rely largely on rainwater catchment solutions for domestic use, quoting […]

Water crisis and the need for rainwater harvesting

Posted on: February 12,2014

Water is, in essence, practically free. However, this vital resource for existence is already in scarcity in most countries, primarily Australia, the world’s driest region.  As technology noticeably elevates our standards of living and populations grow, also arises the demand for more water, most particularly for household use. Australia, being the driest continent on the […]

The three Cs to consider when buying a rainwater tank

Posted on: February 10,2014

Rainwater tanks are an excellent investment for your home, especially in a dry country such as Australia, where drinking water is scarce and water restrictions are often in place. It only makes sense to install a rainwater tank in your home because it makes you less reliant on the mains water supply, and you can […]

Rainwater Tanks: Insurance for the Future

Posted on: February 3,2014

Last year was Australia’s hottest year on record and according to the Climate Council, heatwaves in the country are becoming more frequent, hotter and are lasting longer. It even predicts that future heatwaves will last up to three days longer on average, they will happen more often and the highest temperatures will rise further. When […]

Water Tank in Small Spaces

Posted on: January 27,2014

There are numerous benefits associated with installing a rainwater tank in your home. As its name suggests, a water tank’s sole purpose is for rain water harvesting, which gives you the means to collect and use this free resource that would otherwise go to waste. A typical house block in say Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, […]

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