Large Scale Rainwater Storage Solutions

Posted on: March 20,2014

Collecting rainwater or the process now known as ‘rainwater harvesting’ is a basic and effective method of sourcing water, practiced most commonly for domestic consumption, apt for use even on a small-scale with a no need for any distinct ability or skill. Rainwater harvesting is one approach to minimalizing domestic mains water use. THE BASICS […]

Rainwater tanks and your roof

Posted on: March 17,2014

When it comes to rainwater harvesting, a simple solution could be putting a bucket or two out in your backyard when it rains. Alternatively, international rainwater harvesting expert Brad Lancaster suggests placing a sponge across a surface to collect even more rain water. Brad’s suggestions may not seem quite feasible or practical, especially in cities […]

Rainwater tanks and climate change

Posted on: March 3,2014

Shortly after news that Australia experienced its hottest year on record in 2013, Sydney has now endured its driest summer in 72 years, with much of New South Wales parched by three heatwaves in January. Nationally, January’s mean temperature was about 0.9 degrees above the long-term average, placing it 12 warmest on record. In one […]

Collect Rainwater And Save Money

Posted on: February 27,2014

It has often been claimed that when you install a rainwater tank in your home, you will be reducing your water bills. And now, the amount of savings is quantifiable. A new study has shown that households can save hundreds of dollars a year on their water bills just by harvesting rain off their rooftops. […]

Essentials of Rainwater Harvesting in Courtyards

Posted on: February 25,2014

Water is undoubtedly an invaluable resource, much too valuable a resource, in fact, to continue to let it run-down our drains and roofs only to let these precious go to waste or worse contribute to ongoing land flooding problems which are unbeneficial and unwanted. It has become a very common practice for the majority of […]

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