El Nino heralds urgent need for rainwater tank

Posted on: April 23,2014

While most Sydneysiders shivered under doonas over the Easter long weekend, the mercury is set to rise by this Anzac Day weekend. Maximum temperatures are expected to stay around the mid-20s and minimums around 16, both of which are above the April average. The increase in temperature is in line with growing global scientific consensus […]

How to get your home rainwater tank ready

Posted on: April 14,2014

So you are going to invest in a rainwater tank and have decided on the size, type and the location of your tank. You have assessed your household’s needs and whether you will use the harvested rainwater exclusively outdoors for activities such as watering your garden and washing your car, or will also pipe it […]

Rainwater tank purchase tips

Posted on: April 7,2014

The rise in average national temperature and an increased chance of drought have almost made installing a rainwater tanks at home a necessity. Besides making the decision to purchase a water tank, however, there are a number of other things that you need to consider before you buy a rainwater tank. Size of tank Naturally, […]

Rainwater tanks for drought and rain

Posted on: March 31,2014

Recent weather developments are indicating that households need to seriously consider installing a rainwater tank as a safeguard against weather changes and mains water supply dependence. The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed this month that prospects for a higher and drier than usual year for much of Australia are increasing, with an El Nino climate […]

Indoor rainwater use

Posted on: March 24,2014

When it comes to using the rain water harvested by rainwater tanks in cities such as Brisbane and Sydney, we immediately think of the outdoor benefits. Activities such as watering the garden or washing the car are obvious ways to take advantage of the free collected rain water, avoiding reliance on mains water supply and […]

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