Australia on course for El Nino

May 12 by : admin

The Sydney Morning Herald last week reported that Australia remains on course for its first El Nino in more than four years, a weather event that typically brings a drier-than-average winter and spring to much of southern Australia including New South Wales, and active bushfire seasons by summer.

Warm sub-sea water temperatures – in places as much as six degrees above normal – continue to spread eastwards in the tropical Pacific, a key precursor to an El Nino forming, the Bureau of Meteorology said. According to the bureau, the likelihood of an El Nino is currently at more than 70 per cent, with confirmation likely in the next month or so.

“The El Nino Southern Oscillation is seen as having the greatest single influence on the global climate of any weather phenomenon and the hottest years on record – such as 2010 and 1998 – have all followed the start of El Ninos. For Australia, such years are associated with below-average rainfall, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin, and fewer than normal cyclones,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald. “El Nino patterns tend to lift global temperatures by 0.1-0.2 degrees, increasing the prospects of a record year given climate change is steadily increasing background conditions.”

Last year, an El Nino Southern Oscillation-neutral year, Australia managed to experience its hottest year on record, making the El Nino forecast for the next year or so rather grim. So if you have not invested in a rainwater tank for your household, now is the time to seriously consider doing so, as rainfall is predicted to diminish and temperatures are set to rise in the very near future.

Household needs

SUPATANK rainwater tanks collect and store rain water from your roof, helping you conserve this precious resource that might otherwise have been washed into stormwater drains.

As most water restrictions are only applicable to those using mains water supplies, installing a rainwater tank in your home could be the solution and serve as supplementary or alternatives sources of water when dam levels are low, and when water restrictions are in place. This means you can freely water your gardens, wash cars and even fill swimming pools without fear of government restrictions or regulations regarding water use.

Bushfire protection

Your rainwater tank will also come in handy as Australia moves into summer, where bushfires are predicted to be more active thanks to El Nino. At SUPATANK, all our tanks are resistant to climatic changes and the water stored in a SUPATANK can be used during bushfires, either as a back up to mains water or to even fight or prevent fire from spreading to your house. During bushfires, rainwater can also be used to keep your house safe from fires by using water sprinklers around the garden and other fire prone zones in the house.

Give SUPATANK a call today to discuss your options. It’s a decision that will not only protect your family during the El Nino period, but also ensure you can continue to provide your family with the level of comfort that they are used to.